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Hi Friends.....

        This is your Stepping Stone to Find Your E-mates, who are in the same frequency with you. If  you want your name also in this column please send your Resume with Photograph to this E-mail :-

Name:- R. Krishnaraj
Age:- 23 Yrs. /  Male
Occupation:- Hardware Engineer.
Hobbies:- Listening Music, Chatting with Friends & Tour for find the Nature.
Favourites:- Music - Melodies Songs,
My E-mate should be:- He/She should be Honest & Friendly.

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Name:- K. Yavaneethan
Age:- 18 Yrs. /  Male
Occupation:- Student.
Hobbies:- Reading Books, Internet Surfing, Playing Foot Ball, Traveling different places.
Favourites:- Food - Ice-cream, Music - Western & Love Songs.
My E-mate should be:- He/ She should be Friendly, Honest Person & Tamil Loving people.

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Name:- S. Jalan
Age:- 21 Yrs. /  Male
Occupation:- Musician (Violinist)
Hobbies:- Compose tunes in violin.
Favourites:- Food-Veg, Music-Karnatic
My E-mate should be:- A Music Lover

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Name:- K. Kajan
Age:- 27 Yrs. /  Male
Occupation:- Horticulturist
Hobbies:- Reading Books, Playing Cricket & Internet Surfing.
Favourites:- Food - Chinese, Music - Love Melodies.
My E-mate should be:- Tamil Loving, Fun Loving & should be genuine in  Friendship.

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Name:- R. Micheal
Age:- 24 Yrs. /  Male
Occupation:- Student.
Hobbies:- Collecting Stamps, Reading Story Books.
Favourites:- Movies - Love Story, Singer - S.P.Balasubramaniam, Music - All type of Music.
My E-mate should be:- He / She should be Honest, Music Lover & Fun Loving People.

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Name:- P. Tamil Selvam
Age:- 21 Yrs. /  Male
Occupation:- Software Development
Hobbies:- Computer, Watching TV, & Music.
Favourites:- Music - Western Music.
My E-mate should be:- He / She should be Friendly & fun loving Person.

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Name:- N. Babu
Age:- 20 / Male
Occupation:- B.E (Final Year)
Hobbies:- Internet Surfing, Chatting with Friends.
Favourites:- Music - All type of music.
My E-mate should be:- Fun Loving & Honest People.

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Name:- R. Sivaramakrishnan
Age:- 24 / Male
Occupation:- IT Professional
Hobbies:- Listening Music, Browsing the net, Games, Traveling.
Favourites:- Listen Melody Music& Watching Games.
My E-mate should be:- Friendly

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Name:- N. K. Manivannan
Age:- 15 / Male
Occupation:- Studying (In School)
Hobbies:- Chating, Browsing the net
Favourites:- Listen Melody Music.
My E-mate should be:- Honest, Jolly